Mr.Ng class

18 Mar

i love my 2nd grade teacher he is awsome! all of my freinds first grade still can talk to me Mr.Ng he is the best teacher ever.

pet sitting

17 Aug

i am starting a pet sitting business . i will hope you have a pet.


Christmas Party!

1 Jan

Christmas Party!

i went to a christmas party i made a jenjer bread girl in room5 we all had lots of fun my mom volenteerd she took this photo of my jenjer bread girl me and crestyn sang bahicobo and we all went to a sing along and one of the teechers made a play

Secret Agent Handbook

19 Nov

if you’re not already a member of the usa you will train to stop herbert.

Princess Leia

22 May

Princess Leia Lego

This is my lego Princess Leia. She is looking at Luke’s light saber because she wants one.




My squirrel buddy from the zoo!

28 Mar

My squirrel buddy from the zoo!


Girl Badge

28 Mar

Girl Badge

Crayons and pencil on paper, 2012

Did you come and sign up for my club yet?

– Mayumi

*transcribed by mom